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Custom Jewelry Piece

Custom Jewelry Piece

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When I first started making jewelry many years ago I didn't have the money to buy new charms, chains or bobbles. So I turned to my jewelry box. I took out everything I no longer wore, took it apart and then put it all back together again into something fabulous. Soon after I started receiving pieces from friends and family and before I knew it I had a business. My jewelry business is built on making the old into something new. #reusedon'tbuynew I believe that I can breath new life into any old piece or pieces you give me.

How does this work?

1) You purchase this listing. Know that what you are purchasing here is to receive a design concept only - I'll talk more about that in a minute. You and I will discuss anything you might envision for what you have. What length would like the piece to be? Are there any accent colors you would like to see worked in? Do you want something understated or bold? Maybe you don't now what you want. That's okay! You can leave it to me if you like.

2) You will place your pieces carefully into the mail and send them to me - at your own expense. Know that I emphasize carefully - as if they do not arrive the way you put them in the box Emerald City Treasures is not responsible. Please know I will also except other things to turn into jewelry that are meaningful to you such as keys, wine corks, charms, silverware etc...

3) I will JOYFULLY receive them in the mail and get to work. I'll put together a concept based on our conversation WITHOUT modifying the jewelry you have sent me. I will send you a photo along with detailed information about my concept proposal. This concept proposal is what you are currently purchasing with this listing. This concept proposal will also include a cost estimate for the work along with how I will be modifying the jewelry you send me. Please note that in order for me to accomplish a beautiful piece the jewelry you send me will have to be modified. The concept takes approximately 7 - 10 business days for me to complete.

4) If you want to move forward with your custom piece - you will purchase the custom jewelry listing link that I provide.

5) I will complete the initial concept and send you a photo of my work. You will discuss with me what you think works and if there is anything that doesn't work. We will repeat this process until you LOVE IT! From the time of your approval of the concept to completion it is approximately 7 - 10 business days.

6) I will complete the design for you and return the new, beautiful finished piece along with any unusued parts or pieces of your original jewelry. If you don't want any unused pieces returned we can discuss that option too.

*****Purchasing this listing means that you are agreeing to the following:******

1) After you mail your jewelry pieces to Emerald City Treasures - I am not responsible for the delivery from the delivery service used.

2) I promise to keep safe the jewelry you send me and return any unused pieces.

3) I promise to return said jewelry at any point during the process at my expense if you request it.

4) If you request to cancel the transaction after sending your jewelry to me you agree that you will NOT be refunded any
of your original purchase money.

If I can help you with anything please do not hesitate to message me. If you have a custom piece in mind do not hesitate to message me. If you have any questions do not hesitate to message me.
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